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About Us


Thank you for visiting, where you will find thousands of laptop accessories at affordable prices. Our premium laptop batteries with the 120% battery life patented technology are powering more than 100,000 laptops of governments, militaries, hospitals, schools, companies, and individuals, including the department of defense of two countries.

Company Profile

We are a professional manufacturer of laptop accessories with a wide selection of models compatible with major laptop brands. A complete set of manufacturing and testing processes, including Molding & Injection, COB Testing, Automatic SMT, Aging Testing, and Quality Control, ensures us to fulfill the fast-rising market demands with the best quality of products. Our products are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, current, compatibility and safety to exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art PCB designs add huge value to the product stability, safety, and performance, and have made us a true leader in the ever-changing market.

Our company is ISO9001 certified and all of our products have passed CE and FCC certifications. The faith of our production and R&D team is to pay endless efforts on quality. To achieve consistent manufacturing quality, particularly in mass production phases, our Quality Control department keeps close eyes on raw materials and components, and ensures that our manufacturing process and products are always in compliance with both industrial and international standards.


Our Promises

  • Provide products of the highest quality to online customers.
  • Streamline buying and payment process making it as easy as possible.
  • Deliver orders to our customers with speed and precision.
  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction on our products and customer service.

Corporate Addresses

North America

PO Box 7416
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
United States


Oakleigh Rd S
London N11 1NP
United Kingdom

Asia Pacific

PO Box 3721
Marsden Park NSW 2765

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